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Narrative Report

CPCDO in Battambong




1. Background


Children and Poor Community Development Organization (CPCDO) branch is located

in Battambang (BTT), Cambodia which received funding support from the Float Foundation

since January 2007.

The funds from the Float Foundation were used to construct three


buildings to house 50 orphanages (26/boys and 24/girls), four toilets, and a small room for

generator. One of the three buildings is used for a study room/dining area. In addition, the

office is also located in this building. The fund was also used to construct an outdoor kitchen

which is connected to the girls’ building. The Center started its full operation as of April 20,

2007. This reporting period is the third quarter of the 6th year project which has been funded by the Float Foundation.




2. CPCDO Personnel

There are 4 staffs working for the BTT-CPCDO branch in the following structure:


- Shelter Director

- Accountant/teacher

- Cook

- Security guard



Staff meeting was regularly held every month. In each meeting, regular agenda were

discussed: managing children, teaching and educating children on moral and rules living in

the center, security and order in the center and hygiene foods and health.



3. Children Status:

During this reporting period, there were 33 children the guardian of CPCDO and 15 of them

are girl age from 11 to 17 years old. Thirty children were living in the center and three boys

were sent to vocational skills, two at computer repairing and one at motorbike repairing

training center in Battambong downtown.


During the 2011-2012 academic year, 13 children study at primary school, 7 children at junior

high school, 10 children at high school and 3 children at vocational skills training. All children

well behave at school based on their teachers’ observation and evaluation every month

except one boy and they all had passed to the new grade for the new academic year.


A high school girl, Chan SreyNou, after she passed the national exam and graduated from

high school she moved to Phnom Penh to pursue her study in medical field to be a mid-wife

and will be living with Ms. Vireak Ann. Her school fee and related expenses for three years

will be sponsored by Mr. Henk van Zijtveld and Mrs. Hanneke van Zijtveld.


a. Program at the Center:

During this reporting period, children were on school break from the beginning of July till end

of September. During this break, some children were taken some preparation classes for new academic

year and some had help the director organized the center and elder children were had helped their younger for the new academic year.



The English program was continued for children studying at primary and junior high school.

There were 23 children and 6 of them are girl.



b. Life Skills training:



During this reporting period, the 10 children had improved their skills in drawing/painting and

continued in water color painting which was planned to do the oil painting in next quarter.

The 3 paintings by children were sold and were raise USD 205. The money from the painting

was given to the three painting children ($15) and the rest will be used for children school

uniform and materials.


In addition to the 10 children, many other children also took this class and they enjoyed it.

Because of this on-going training as results, other 17 were also improved their drawing and

started coloring their draws.

This project is building children with one life skills which could help them to make some

money in the future.


Vocational skills

The three boys in vocational skills training in Battambong downtown were doing good and

had gained some skills. They also came to visit the center once month or sometime once in

two months. The fee for skills training was provided by Mr. Panha and his friends.

With these skills, the boys would be able to earn some money for their living and family in the

near future by either working for other business or with their family/relative opening a small

business in their hometown.




Each child received three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner which all eat together.

The Center set a monthly menu with a balanced sufficient meal.


c. Children health and hygiene:

As per schedule, children were rotated in cleaning up the buildings and surrounded premise.

Majority of children are teenager and taking good care of themselves and their younger

brother and sister except one boy who was still a bit lazy in taking shower. However, they

were still infected with light illness such as cool, headache, and skin decease.


The sponsorship by AEC was continued in which a nurse regularly came to the center every

week to check children health and he would treat children with light illness. With this regular

visit of the nurse it helped CPCDO in children health and hygiene.




Children Materials:

There were 45 bicycles which only 50% could be used. During this reporting period, the CPCDO management had been seeking other donor/individual to support the materials for children and as result children received one new school uniform and a pair of sandals each fro AEC. AEC also promised to provide 10 bicycles in early 2013.











4. Vegetable garden and tree


During this period, morning glory, winter melon and hot chilies were planted. Flowers along

entry way and around the flag stand were also planted.



5. Library


There was no new book put in to the library. The library was opened for children in center

and children from community. The library had table and chairs to read their book which is

now inside the administration room. There were 801 books.


6. Pure Drinking water

Organization 1001 visited the Water six times to monitor and control the production operation

at the Center. Because of raining season and difficulty of road getting into the community,

water was sold at less than 40 bottles (20l per bottle) per day. Children at the center access

to pure and clean water every day. 28 big bottles of water per day were distributed to three

primary schools in two communes.


By end of the 3rd


rate 1USD = 4070 Riel) and spent 4,446,600 riel (about USD 1,092.53) for operation. As of

September, the saving was 1,420,700 riel (about USD 349.10). The income and saving from



money by the Organization 1001 to co-build the water workshop. So the income and saving

was deducted every month to pay back to the Organization 1001.


quarter, the project made 4,853,800 riel (about USD1,213.45; exchange the water project was not yet used to support the center because CPCDO’s BTT was lent

Other event/ Activity:


- Regular visit of the organization 1001 for water quality inspection

- AEC visited the center in early September and donated USD 300 for school uniforms and sandal

- Greeted visitors from China whom donated USD 100 for children's note books

- A supported center (CPCDO) committee had raised Riel 25,000 (about USD 6) per month since August

- Mr. Arie, Hans (Rotary Holland) and Ms. Vireak accompanied with their daughter visited the center in late September 26-27, 2012.




- Children materials are in shortage such as school materials, clothes, etc

- No transportation means to meet NGOs for networking and local authority and take children to hospital.





Further Plan


- Preparation and registration for new academic year

- Have all children's birth certificates

- Continue coaching children on how to take care themselves and their belongings

- Seek funds from other sources

- Continue installing bamboo fence around the center

- Preparation of the children who will visit their family/relative during Pchum Ben holiday in mid-October.


Prepared by Ms. Vireak Ann