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This is to report on two field visits, on May 27th and September 26-27, 2012 with the purpose to draw the different environment of the center and the children between the two visits.

There were two people during the visit in May, Ms. Vireak and Mr. Arie and in September there were Ms. Vireak accompanied with her daughter, Mr. Arie and Mr. Hans from Rotary Holland.


CPCDO Visit on September 27, Mr. Arie Blowed and Mr Hans Mannheim (Rotary Holland)



Arriving in the center, it impressed of clean and fresh from entry point which we can see the flag stand with surrounded by beautiful flowers. September was still a summer school break but some children were at school for preparation class for the new academic year. Upon our arrival all children together got out from where they were and suspend what they were doing to welcome us with warm and friendly smile.


It was completely different feeling from May visit where children semm no energy, no movement nor smile. With their smile of welcoming, I personally feel children are cared with love and warm.


During the visit, the following was observed: Overview of children and the center.


By walking around, it was very impress of clean, fresh and clear environment along with a few vegetable beds at the side of water workshop, the back of study building and the girl building. With all these it made the center look fresh.



Near Water Workshop


At the back of Study Building



At the back of girl building.


In addition to the green around the buildings, the center fence was also installed which make it more protected from neighbor's animal.




After walking around, we checked the inside building, again it was clean and everything was organized and in order. In the girl building, it used to park the broken bicycles but now all broken bicycles were kept in the storage room which used to keep generator. Even the broken sewing machines were clean, no dust which showed of good care of their common belonging. Not only the girl building but also the boy building is clean and in order.




Girls at the girl building.



Bicycles at the girl building


Fence around the center.



Administration Office.



Water tank and its premises.


All children files and books were organized and clean as well as the furniture and other items in the administration office.


Drawing project.


This project had a good progress as the children were good in their drawing and coloring. At the time, Ms. Vireak announced to all children that whose paintings are sold through internet (for 1 x 100$ and 2 x 50$) and each handed $5. they had a proud faces while other feel very proud of their friends. Vireak also told children that the rest of the money to the general funds of the orphanage operation meaning for all children.


A boy named Karo Teppecha whose painting was better than other children was asked to help the trainer to draw some parts of the Buddha's story at the Buddhist temple.


Mr. Arie and Mr. Hans collected some paintings from children in the aim that we cound raise more fund for them.





During the September visit, Mr. Hans, member of Rotary Holland, came to the center to do overall assessment of the needs of the children and the center in which the Rotary could respond to those needs. He made a five minutes video about the children and the center in the fruit tree garden.




Fruit Tree Garden.


During May visit we observed that children friendship had a gap between the elder and younger and among all of them and they were not happy. However it was different during September visit where children were friendly, happy and understand each other better through our observation. This could be said they had received love, warm and good care from their guardian, the management.




1. Meeting with Rotary Battambong


During this visit, we had met Ms. Saroeun, a former President of Rotart Battambong, to talk about the purpose of Hans's visit the CPCDO in order and a need of support from Rotary Battambong in the orphanage project, CPCDO, which Hans and Arie will submit proposal to Rotary Holland and Rotary Bangkok South. As result, she agreed on behalf of Rotary Battambong that she or her Rotary member will monitor the project by making a regular visit to the orphanage.


2. Visit HFCC


After visiting CPCDO, we made a short visit to the HFCC where by chance we met David McAuley's mother, Ms. Jenny McAuley, who is board of director of the HFCC and just visiting. Also, we met the new director, a young Cambodian, Samrach. They are still fully ready to work and very specifically with our new director to learn how make personal files for our children (i.e. the necessary planning for the future of each child). We have shared with them on our drawing/painting project and offered that their children can participate.


Next step from the visit, Mr. Saro will contact Ms. Samrach for visit and learn from her and HFCC on monitoring, coaching and motivate children.


3. Running into a former resident of the orphanage.


During this visit while having dinner at a restaurant we met a former resident of the orphanage, a boy of 19 )Saveth'. He left the center to live with his aunt whom married to Australian man and run her own restaurant where he did some work and earn $30 per month for his study. Leaving the center he had hoped for more time for learning, but that was apparently opposite due to the situation that the restaurant is probably closed and he hopes to return to the orphanage. Speaking with him, he wants to become a nurse-mid/wife which requires three years studying (cost $ 850 individual or $ 200 per year in the military).


On 26th September he visited the center with us where the children received him with open arms. It was remarkable how well many of our children be able to communicate in English. Also with Saveth, Arie and Hans had conversation with him without Vireak´s help.


Report October 18, 2012.


From. Vireak Ann